Hepburn Wind's Projects

The Hepburn Wind co-operative is entering an exciting time as we work to transition the Hepburn Shire to zero-net energy by 2025. To meet this target we are working on projects that will help our region reap the benefits of 100% renewables.

Heat Pump Hot Water Bulk-Buy

Hepburn Wind has partnered with local provider t2zero, on a Heat Pump Hot Water Bulk-Buy to help households save on energy. Our pilot round in 2021 was a huge success, with community members purchasing 25 systems that will save roughly 390 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime.

The bulk-buy program supplies high-quality systems that are eligible for federal and state government subsidies and is streamlined, making the process of learning about, purchasing and installing a heat pump hot water system easy. 

Eligibility: is limited to people who live (or own property) in the Hepburn Shire or Hepburn Wind members. In the EOI form, please provide details for the property you would like the system to be installed in.

The second round of the Heat Pump Hot Water Bulk-Buy is currently scheduled for mid 2022. Please fill in the EOI form if you would like to learn more.

Community Power Hub

Hepburn Wind is proud to lead the ‘Hepburn Branch’ of the Grampians region Community Power Hub (CPH) thanks to funding from Sustainability Victoria and the support of Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions Incorporated. (BREAZE Inc.), who is leading the regional CPH.

The aim of the program is to increase access to and involvement in community renewable energy by partnering with local community groups, farmers, businesses, schools and the broader community. This expansion of the Community Power Hub Program is an important aspect of the broader rollout of renewables across the Grampians region, to ensure communities are involved in and benefit from local energy projects as the state transitions to 50% renewable energy by 2030.

Register your interest:

Are you a community facility, school, farmer, business or local community member in the Hepburn Shire? Express your interest in the Community Power Hub program via the form below.

Hepburn Z-NET

In 2018 Hepburn Wind became a partner of the Z-NET Community Transition Pilot, an initiative of the Coalition for Community Energy. This Pilot sought to make the Hepburn Shire the first zero-net emission shire in Australia and was supported by Sustainability Victoria’s Take2 Initiative. The project team who delivered this Pilot included RenewStarfish Initiatives and Little Sketches.

The Z-NET approach was first developed in Uralla (NSW) to offset local carbon emissions from stationary heat and electricity. The Hepburn plan sought to address stationary energy, transportation, agriculture, waste & wastewater and land-use change.

In April 2019 The Community Transition Plan was launched. Co-developed with the local community and various research, industry and technical stakeholders, the plan provides a comprehensive assessment of the shires emissions and puts forward pathways to reach zero-net emissions in key sectors.

If you would like to learn more about Hepburn Z-NET you can download the:

Community Transition Plan / Snapshot Report /Options Manual / Engagement Postcards /Sankey interactive visual / Sector interactive visual

Or jump on the Hepburn Z-NET website visit their Facebook page Hepburn Z-NET.

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