Hepburn Wind's Projects

The Hepburn Wind co-operative is entering an exciting time as we work to transition the Hepburn Shire to zero-net energy by 2025. To meet this target, we are working on projects that will help our community reap the benefits of 100% renewables.

Listening to our members

In our 2016/17 Member Perspective Survey #2, our members signalled that they were keen to support future projects. Here are just some of projects that members thought would be a good or great idea for Hepburn Wind.

  • Future generation in general

  • Support solar

  • Love battery storage

  • Support partnership projects with other local organisations

  • Excited for more energy efficiency projects

  • Support electric vehicle charging stations

Check out our portfolio below!

The Hepburn Z-NET Pilot

This year Hepburn Wind is a partner on Victoria’s first Zero-Net Emission Transition (Z-NET) project as part of the Sustainability Victoria TAKE2 Community Transition Pilot.

The approach was first developed in Uralla (NSW) to offset local carbon emissions from stationary heat and electricity. In the Hepburn Z-NET, we will expand this model to look at land use, waste and transport emissions.

The Pilot will deliver a range of outcomes for the Shire, including a Z-NET Blueprint for the Hepburn Shire (carbon emissions inventory), a co-developed Community Transition Plan, a feasibility analysis and business cases for local energy options and will build capacity within the community.

The project has received $80,000 dollars in funding from Sustainability Victoria, an additional $20,000 from the Hepburn Shire Council, $10,000 from Samsø Energy Academy and $8,000 from Diversicon Environmental Foundation. The C4CE project team delivering the Pilot is made up of members from the Alternative Technology AssociationMoreland Energy Foundation and Starfish Initiatives.

The Z-NET project will run from February to August 2018. For more information contact taryn@ata.org.au, join the facebook group Hepburn Shire Z-NET or participate at Our Say.


Hepburn Solar Bulk-buy

A new community solar bulk-buy has launched in the Hepburn Shire. Organised by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA), the Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy is a great way for local residents to go solar. Hepburn Wind and the Hepburn Shire Council have thrown their support behind this project as a great way for residents to cut their energy bills and carbon emissions.

The bulk-buy offers an easy option for those interested in getting solar and/or battery storage. If you would like to find out more about their products or would like to request a quote you can jump on their website here.

The Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy will also support selected community groups to go solar for free. If your community group would like to find out more contact Jo Kaptein at jo@hubfoundation.org.au.

Daylesford Lake micro hydro

Hepburn Wind is looking to refurbish the antique micro-hydro station at Lake Daylesford. The station was operating early last century, powering lights and buildings around the iconic lake. The current plan is that the antique shell of the generator will be repaired and a modern unit installed side by side to enable the facility’s output. The new turbine could produce between 12-30kW of renewable energy. The vision is to turn the micro-hydro into a tourism destination whilst also have it generating into the grid.

Hepburn Wind, will work with the Hepburn Shire Council on this project and has engaged the expertise of Australia’s largest hydro turbine manufacturer Tamar Hydro. Tamar Hydro has 30 years of experience, specialising in engineering and manufacturing of hydroelectric power generation plants and has an office in nearby Castlemaine.

Hepburn Wind has committed $15,000 from the Energy Fund and Powershop has contributed $10,000 from its Your Community Energy initiative to progress this project which is estimated to cost $45,000. A pre-feasibility and site analysis has been done as a first step.

Grid-connected solar

Hepburn Wind is always looking at new ways of helping our region move to zero-net energy. After investing heavily to upgrade our grid connection at the Leonards Hill wind farm site we have been looking at the best ways to utilise this infrastructure and our existing grid capacity.

In 2017 the board of Hepburn Wind established the Future Generation Working Group who have been investigating the potential for a grid-connected solar farm at Hepburn Wind.

The team is working towards completing the planning permit application for a solar farm between 3-6MW. This solar farm would maximise use of the existing grid infrastructure at the site and enhance the economies of scale for the co-operative.

Various pro-bono and discounted services have been provided to Hepburn Wind to complete technical studies and planning permit documentation. We would like to thank the following organisations, consulting firms and experts for their services: Fulcrum 3D, Enhar Consulting, DNV GL, Engineers Without Borders, The Alternative Technology Association, Ecology and Heritage Partners, University of Melbourne, Nilsson, Noel & Holmes Surveyors Pty Ltd.

In 2018 we were awarded a $500,000 dollar grant from the Victorian State Government’s Renewable Communities Program, which will go towards capital costs of the solar farm development.


Behind the meter solar

Currently, the most common and feasible model of community solar is “behind the meter, below the load”. In this approach, the host site agrees to purchase the energy over the life of the project, thus avoiding the issue of selling the energy into the energy market. The scale needs to be less than the minimum load profile, to minimise grid connection issues and costs. These projects are under 500kW and more commonly under 100kW. We will be investigating sites around the Shire that would be appropriate for our investment and development. You can find out more about behind the meter storage on the embark website here.

Electric vehicle charging station

With the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) predicted to explode over the next 10 years, Daylesford has joined the EV revolution and become home to the region’s first free EV charging station. The station was delivered by Hepburn Wind through our Energy Fund and is an important step towards creating a zero-net energy Shire. It is carbon neutral and powered by our electricity product with Powershop.

The EV station is managed by ChargePoint – the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network. This massive network contains over 23,400 charging stations. To find out more you can read our journal here.


Solar on neighbourhood centres

Hepburn Wind has teamed up with our energy retailer Powershop and MASH to donate and install two solar systems for the Daylesford and Creswick neighbourhood centres.

The matching 3.24kW solar systems at each centre are expected to generate most of the energy consumed on site, with 90% for Daylesford and 55% for Creswick (which will have a higher export profile). These savings will unlock significant funds for community activities. These two solar arrays are expected to cut 10 tonnes of CO2 each year and thousands of dollars in network and energy costs.

These installations were made possible by partnering with the Castlemaine based non-profit, MASH, and their installer, Solargain, as well as our retailer, Powershop, and their Your Community Energy initiative. You can read our journal here.

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