Join Hepburn Wind

Our co-operative is open to new member shareholders. If you would like to know more about becoming part of our co-operative read the sections below.

Co-operative reports and publications

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member or increasing your shareholding with Hepburn Wind. Please refer to our documents page available here, for all current co-operative reports and publications before proceeding.

Buy direct from the co-op

You can purchase shares from the co-operative whenever you like. We sell shares at a rate of $1.10 per share with a minimum shareholding of 100 shares for locals and 1000 shares for non-locals. If you wish to buy direct from the co-operative, please download the new member form here.

New membership: transfer form

Once completed, please mail this form to HWCU C/O Link Market Services Limited, Locked Bag A14, Sydney South, NSW 1235.

Buy from sellers

To be matched with shareholders who wish to sell their shareholdings, please go to the Share Connect website to register and then connect with sellers.

To inform you of the steps, the process of selling and purchasing shares as an off-market transfer is:

  1. Contact is made between a seller and potential buyer via Share Connect.
  2. Price and sale is negotiated between the buyer and seller.
  3. Once an agreement is reached, the relevant transfer form (and membership form if applicable) is completed by both the buyer and seller and sent to Link Market Services Limited (Locked Bag A14, Sydney South, NSW 1235).
  4. Link notifies Hepburn Wind of the new membership application/transfer application.
  5. The board of HW accepts or rejects the transfer based on meeting the active member test at their bi-monthly board meeting
  6. Board acceptance or rejection is sent to the Registrar, who notifies the seller and buyer.
  7. Transferor sends payment of $50 administration fee to Hepburn Wind bank account via EFT to Hepburn Community Wind Park Co-operative Limited (Bendigo Bank)
  8. BSB: 633-000, Account: 131217713 with an identifying portion of the applicant’s name in the EFT reference (e.g.SmithJ’ or ‘XYZ Super Fund’) and notifies Hepburn Wind of the transaction.
  9. The seller then completes the financial transaction with the buyer.
  10. Link completes the transfer of shares and the new and updated certificate of holding is issued to the buyer and the seller.  

New membership: transfer form

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