The Wind Walk opens!

The Wind Walk opens!

Thanks to Secret Forest Walks, Hepburn Wind will now be a core feature of the 10Km Wind Walk. We asked the walk coordinator, Brendan Murray to provide a little more information about their new track and what walkers can expect.

The Wind Walk is a relaxing amble through regenerating forest to the south of Daylesford with the wind turbines at Leonards Hill as the centrepiece of the walk. The turbines are largely concealed for the walk, until they are revealed through the forest, their immensity and motion having a breathtaking quality. This is a good place for a picnic break.

On the return leg of the walk, there is a vista of the ‘big three’, Mount Franklin, Wombat Hill (Daylesford) and Mt Alexander, as well as a secluded and striking Sword grass valley. Lush and almost luminously green. And then there is the Wedge Tailed Eagle nest, a large and amazing structure atop a very tall Manna gum. The final section is through more mature forest with mossy paths and spreading Messmate gums.

The Wombat Forest has a spaghetti of tracks, so to navigate this special walk, Secret Forest Walks in Daylesford will provide you with an easy to use hand held GPS unit with the correct route programmed into it. No tour guides required, just you and your chosen company, or solo if you wish. The GPS will show the way.

For more information, contact Brendan on 0418301281, or See for more details on how it all works and other walks.


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