Our energy retail partner Powershop has been a big supporter Hepburn Wind and our work on the ZNET Community Transition Plan.

This year Powershop assisted us to deliver six solar installations for community facilities by providing co-funding from their Your Community Energy initiative. These installations will cut 35 tonnes of CO2 p.a and save these facilities hundreds of dollars a year on energy bills.  

We encourage Hepburn Wind supporters to check out their new product that is simple and easy to use, called PowerhopLITE.  

Powershop’s original product enables their customers to purchase energy in Powerpacks giving them the choice to lock in larger discounts for shopping in advance or to pay small premiums for initiatives they care about, like our Hepburn Wind Community Green Powerpack.

Powershop’s aim is to give customers more choice in the way they deal with their energy company, so PowershopLITE is a great rate, with no discounts and just a monthly bill.

You’ll still get all the great perks of being with Powershop i.e:

  • 100% carbon-neutral energy
  • no extra cost and
  • a great range of energy tools so you can look at your usage.

If you would like to know more about PowershopLITE and if it is the right option for you, have a read of the info sheet hereIf you want to sign up with PowershopLITE click on the link here and switch today!

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