Member Perspectives

Member Perspectives

Hepburn Wind understands how member attitudes reflect and contribute to our wind farm’s success. With our strong focus on giving back to the broader community as well as our members, we recognise how important it is to listen to these perspectives.

That’s why we commenced our second member survey last October. The 360 respondents provided valuable insight into the perspectives of our members and shined a light on potential directions for the future.

The main findings included:

  • After 5 years of generation, Hepburn Wind has maintained a high level of satisfaction among members (84%)
  • Members are keen to support additional Hepburn Wind generation projects in the region
  • Pollution reduction and establishing community energy in Australia were the two most important factors leading to member investment

To have a more detailed look at our results have a look at the Hepburn Member Perspectives Survey #2.

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