A letter from our new chair

A letter from our new chair

This year the Hepburn Wind board welcomed a new chairperson, Ross Ulman. To introduce himself and provide Hepburn Wind members with an overview of our achievements over the last financial year, he penned this letter.

Dear fellow Hepburn Wind members,

After two years as a director on our co-operative’s board, at the 24/01/2018 board meeting, I became board chairperson – with feelings of humility, dedication and also excitement. It suits my philosophy that the board chairperson is first among equals – for example there’s no casting vote, and he/she is not a Hepburn Wind spokesperson. This said, my personal view is that now is an exciting time for Hepburn Wind: on 6/02/2018 we fully paid off our $3.2M Bendigo Bank loan; so far in 2017/8 our revenue and profit exceed budget; we have a healthy and growing bank balance; and our Future Generation Working Group’s activities, centred on a future solar farm, are progressing well.

Despite all this positive evidence, the board I chair will not be intoxicated by unbridled optimism. We are only too aware that Hepburn Wind operates in the renewable energy sector of the economy, which is significantly exposed to the vagaries of politics and ideology and resultant uncertainty. So despite a proactive, strategic and risk-managed approach to the future, almost certainly as a board we will face difficulties. But in my view our current board team in conjunction with our excellent staff and our team of financial, operations and other advisors, has the mix of skills and experience to take Hepburn Wind successfully into the future.

Also I assure you, fellow members/shareholders, that every decision made by the board I chair, will place your interests and opinions front and centre. And by so doing our co-operative will bring increasing benefit to our local community, Victoria, Australia, and planet earth – punching above our weight as we always have done. There’s much to accomplish. And so I say to my six fellow board members (David, Graham, Linda, Geoff, Stuart and Paul) and our three wonderful staff members (Taryn, Jess and Marie): Let’s get on with our work!

Yours very sincerely,

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