Half-yearly report

Half-yearly report

The last six months have been very positive for Hepburn Wind. We have performed well financially and started new projects that will benefit our region and cooperative. Our half-yearly report covers all these topics in detail. Here are some of the highlights:

Market and Financial performance

Hepburn Wind is in a strong position this year due to the combination of high electricity spot market prices and the board’s prudent financial management. We received $455,491 for our spot market electricity generation which is a 120% increase from the same period last year ($206,542). Revenue from our Renewable Energy Certificates (Large-scale Generation Certificates) was also up over this six month period, earning $435,771 in comparison to $430,778 in the same period last year.

Community energy projects

Over the last six months, we have also launched a number of exciting projects. Hepburn Wind partnered with the Castlemaine based not-for-profit MASH to install two 3.2kW PV systems on the Daylesford and Creswick Neighbourhood Centres.

We will be working with the Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) to make Hepburn Victoria’s first 100% renewable shire. As part of Sustainability Victoria’s Community Transition Pilot program, Hepburn Wind will be managing community engagement and liaison.

We have established the Future Generation Working Group that will identify, propose and progress future generation options, with the aim of strengthening our co-operatives financial performance.

Member update

This year we changed our share registry provider to Link Market Services Limited. We ask that all our members register with Link and update your details online. This will enable you to notify Link of any changes to your personal details.

For more details, check out the full report here.

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