Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

With the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) predicted to explode over the next 10 years, Daylesford has joined the EV revolution and is now home to the region’s first free EV charging station. The station was delivered by Hepburn Wind, Australia’s first community-owned wind farm. Alongside support from the Hepburn Shire Council and Hepburn Wind’s carbon neutral energy retailer Powershop, the station is an important next step to creating a carbon neutral Shire.

What brand is it?

The EV station is managed by ChargePoint – the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network. This massive network containing over 23,400 charging stations.

What type of charger is it and can I use it?  

The station has two charging plugs that are Level 2 J(1772) models. Level 2 J(1772) plugs fit with a large number of Asian, American and European EVs. For those EVs that do not fit with the Level 2 J(1772) plug, such as Tesla models, adapters can be purchased. Click here for more info on charging plugs.

How do I charge my EV?

  1. Download the mobile app here and sign up with ChargePoint – you can also elect to receive a card that enables you to tap on and off with every ChargePoint transaction.
  2. With your phone or ChargePoint card tap the station.
  3. With the app, tap the orange “Start Charge” button presented in the station information page.
  4. Push the button on the charging station to pull the connector out.
  5. Plug in the connector to your EV and press the blue button to charge.
  6. ChargePoint will notify you via the app once the car has finished charging.
  7. Tap the station again to signal the end of your session. The station will present the cost of the transaction and a receipt will be sent to your ChargePoint account.
  8. Disconnect from the ChargePoint station and continue on your journey.


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