Our Annual Report for 2018 is here!

Our Annual Report for 2018 is here!

Would you like to find out more about Hepburn Wind and what we have achieved in 2018? You can find everything you need to know in Hepburn Winds’ Annual Report which is now available for download.

This year Hepburn Wind reached a big milestone. In May 2018 we paid off our bank loan and by the end of the financial year we had reduced our accumulated losses to be now in a position where we can consider the payment of a dividend to members when it is prudent to do so. Subsequently, at our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) the board will put forward a rule change that enables the payment of an interim dividend. We encourage members to register online and attend the AGM.

In addition to our strong financial performance this year, we continued to grow the environmental and social impact of our co-operative. We supported eight community projects with funding from our Community Fund and co-ordinated solar installations for six community facilities through our Energy Fund. These solar installations will abate over 35 tonnes of Co2 and save these facilities thousands of dollars each year.

Key highlights of this year’s annual report include:

  • Accumulated losses paid down from $660,376 to $97,177
  • 54% reduction in unscheduled outages
  • Generation income up 28%
  • ‘All-in’ price of $169.45 up 14%
  • Best for the World B Corp list recognition
  • 26kW / 6 solar systems delivered on community buildings

Members of Hepburn Wind are encouraged to attend our Annual General Meeting which will be held on Saturday 3 November at 10.15 am. We will have an international keynote speaker, Iris Degenhardt-Meister, who will discuss how her German municipality transitioned to 120% renewables. You can register online here.

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