Hepburn Wind Community Green Offset

Hepburn Wind’s community-generated Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) can be used to offset your carbon footprint – available to individuals, businesses, community groups, events and for micro products. Get started by calculating your footprint.

Take action to offset your home, business, event or product's carbon footprint.

  • Offset your Home

    Are you a small, medium or large home energy user? Calculate your home's carbon footprint and take action to offset its impact.

  • Offset your Business

    Are you a cafe, factory or office space? Calculate your business' carbon footprint and take action to offset its impact.

  • Offset your Event

    Calculate the carbon footprint of your event based on duration and anticipated number of attendees.

  • Micro-Offset

    Give your customers the opportunity to offset their activities. From weekends away to travel and meals, Hepburn Wind offers a micro-offset for service providers.

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Additional products from Hepburn Wind

  • switch your energy to powershop in victoria

    We've joined forces with Powershop

    Powershop & Hepburn Wind have joined forces, and developed an electricity offer available to all Victorians. This provides a 100% renewable electricity product at competitive rates. You’ll get a $25 power credit once your switch is complete to get you started with Powershop.

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  • Book a tour wind farm

    Book a wind farm tour

    We offer wind farm tours, occasional open days and public events. Tours can be booked during the warmer months of the year, for community groups, schools, universities and corporate bookings. Please register your interest here.

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