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Offset your home

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You have selected to offset 100% of your home's carbon impact


Offset your home

The residential product has three entry points; small, medium and large and energy consumption is linked to the number of people living in the residence. Household electricity consumption in Victoria is also impacted by the type of hot water service installed. If the house has gas or solar hot water the electricity consumption is 25% less than house with off peak electric hot water.

Please view the following formula to make an assumption on the best product to purchase.

  • Small = 1-2 people,
  • Medium 3-4 people
  • Large = 5+ people

Here is an example: Mary and family of 4 people live in Melbourne in a house with a gas hot water system and their typical annual electricity use is 6000 kWh. Buying our medium size house offset which is 6 LGCs, Mary’s house has effectively converted her home into a 100% renewable electricity house courtesy of Hepburn Wind.

For your reference here are the typical annual consumption figures in MWh per year

Household Gas or solar HW With Electric Hot Water

  • Small with gas hot water = 3.0 to 5.0 or electric hot water = 5.0 to 7.0
  • Medium with gas hot water = 5.5 to 7.2 or electric hot water = 7.5 to 9.6
  • Large with gas hot water = 7.5 to 9.6 or electric hot water = 10 to 12.8

If you know your exact energy usage, please get in contact with us directly at info@hepburnwind.com.au to send you a quote.

Offset your business

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You have selected to offset 100% of your business's carbon impact

Note: You will need to upload a copy of a quarterly electricity bill at checkout for our verification purposes. Amounts can be an assumption based on your average.


Offset your business

Our Small, Medium and Large sized business products provide an easy and proactive way of offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions and lessening your impact on the environment.

Please enter your annual kWh usage by looking at all four bills from the previous year. The amount of electricity consumed is generally stated on the second page of your electricity bill and usually has a title along the lines of “Total KWh used” for the billing period.

As most business usage varies throughout the year, you will need to gather all the bills for a year and add the numbers together. If your business has multiple sites with separate billing, it will be necessary to add all the bills together to determine the total annual use.

If you are a new business, make an assumption based on the bills you do have and extrapolate over the year.

For more information, please see: http://www.greenpower.gov.au/Business/Electricity-Usage/


Offset your event

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You have selected to offset 100% of your event's carbon impact


Offset your event

Looking to green up your event? Our simple calculation is based up attendees and length of event.

For further information on the calculation, please see: www.greenpower.gov.au/Events/



  • How it works

    Our product is based on renewable energy certificates ( LGCs). A LGC represents 1 MWh of net exported renewable electricity.

    When your household or business consumes electricity you are supplied with power generated from sources representing an average of all generators supplying you state or region. In Victoria, about 90% comes from fossil fuelled generators with less than 10% from renewable energy. Likewise powering transport with non-renewable sources also adds to your carbon footprint.

    One LGC offsets 1 MWh of a customer’s consumption of grid electricity. This keeps it simple because we need to be able to quantify what each customer has purchased so we can extinguish the correct number of LGCs in the REC Registry.

    How buying our product helps

    Renewable and community energy generators such as ours at Hepburn Wind, provide power
    whenever there is sufficient wind. Because there is no fuel cost, this power always gets sold into the electricity market regardless of price. The more renewable energy generators that export to the grid the less fossil fuel generators are required.

    By buying Hepburn Wind’s Community Green means you are paying HW for some of the renewable energy certificates (LGCs) we create under the Renewable Energy Target (RET). On your behalf we have these certificates cancelled so they cannot be used or traded under the mandatory RET. You are purchasing renewable energy that is additional to the renewable energy required by government. This effectively means you have ‘greened up’ your ordinary grid electricity purchased from your energy retailer or offset the carbon footprint from meals, travel or other activities using fossil fuels.

    How will I be able to promote that I have bought Community Green?

    Our product represents the ‘greening’ of MWh of fossil fuel sourced electricity with the purchase and extinguishment of LGCs. This is what you achieve by purchasing our product and we will supply you with a certificate stating you amount of non-renewable energy you have offset.

    For business and event customers, we will provide you with a logo and marketing collateral to promote how you are greening your activities.

    Is this accredited GreenPower?

    Hepburn Wind is an accredited GreenPower generator, however the Community Green product is not an accredited GreenPower product.

    What we are doing is the same as GreenPower whether we are accredited under the GreenPower scheme or not. GreenPower accreditation has been set up for large scale generators and attracts an annual program fee as well as annual auditing and transactional charges.

    Whilst we acknowledge the benefits of GreenPower accreditation, we are currently advocating a rule change so that it is financially viable for us to participate in the GreenPower program for products.

  • Why should I offset my carbon footprint?

    When you purchase Community Green you are supporting the Hepburn Wind community and taking a step to making a difference. You’re not only taking charge of your environmental footprint, but you are also showing support for the future of Hepburn Wind and community renewables in Australia. Offsetting your footprint, means that we will extinguish LGCs on your behalf, which is a great personal contribution you can make to greening the grid. The more LGCs that are extinguished, the more renewable energy projects that must be built to meet the Renewable Energy Target.

    How is this different to the Community Saver product with Red Energy?

    Our Community Saver product with Red Energy and our LGC based Community Green product work complimentarily with each other.

    Community Saver is the product you sign up for with Red Energy to supply electricity from the grid into your home or business. Community Green is the voluntary GreenPower equivalent that you can purchase direct from us.

    Red Energy also enables customers to purchase GreenPower when they sign up for the Community Saver and they utilise LGCs from us for these sales.

    What is an LGC?

    Renewable energy generators such as Hepburn Wind also have a second revenue stream that is derived from the sale of Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) that are created (electronically) as proof of the production of a MWh of renewable electricity. These certificates (originally known as RECs - Renewable Energy Certificates) are held and accounted for in the REC Registry operated by the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator.

    LGCs have a market value because each retailer of electricity is required by law to purchase an annual quantity of certificates in proportion to their energy sales. This is evidence that they are supporting a minimum legislated proportion of renewable generation in their portfolio of power suppliers. LGCs are tradable property and there exists a market in ‘green certificates’ that is independent of energy sales.

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